Psychedelic Privilege

Psychedelic Privilege

As a white privileged male, I feel it neccessary to speak up as every action I take and every opportunity I am afforded has a direct connection to this privilege I have.

The very fact that I have the ability to create a psychedelic dropshipping brand and the freedom to write this post are two tell-tale signs of a form of privilege I carry. Beyond being well educated, I am also lucky enough to have at a younger age, had access to psychedelics in a positive and supporting environment. This is big factor in why I am in the position to share about these experiences and do the work that I do. 

I think this is really important to consider as I strongly believe the psychedelic experience can afford an individual with an array of psychological tools that, if given some attention and intention, can be utilized for self-actualization. In this light, I think it is clear to see that self actualization itself is a privilege. By definition, self actualization only occurs after basic needs are met. Basic needs such as security and safety. Basic needs that, as a result of an oppressive system, are not afforded to everyone as a direct result of something as arbitrary as one’s skin color.

Over the last couple weeks I have been checking in honestly with the different forms of privilege I carry including the privilege around the psychedelic experience. I want to take this moment to invite you to check in with your own psychedelic privilege. What have you gleaned from your psychedelic experiences and what would the world look like if more people had access to these experiences in a safe and controlled setting? Maybe you are like many people who feel that “everyone should take psychedelics at least once”. What an interesting concept!! If everyone wanted to, would that even be a possibility? What action needs to be taken to ensure this?

This is a systemic issue that requires a systemic solution. We are at an inflexion point that requires us to deepen our awareness, speak our truth and do the inner work. We need to embrace discomfort so that real change can take place and be sustained. The media flurry surrounding the tragic death of George Floyd and the impressive explosion of social media activism we are witnessing will subside. Things will start to go back to “normal” but its up to each of us to make sure that we are creating a new normal that is informed by honest reflection and supports a shift towards collective liberation. Let’s hold each other accountable to create a future where everyone is free.



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